Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yet Another Testament of His Love...

The Lord is truly my strength. He has helped me in ways I still can't wrap my mind around. However one of the most powerful and clear ways that He has shown His willingness to provide happened yesterday afternoon.

I took MaryJane to a lactation consultant yesterday because we were having some breastfeeding issues. As it turns out, there is a physical reason why she is having trouble nursing, which in turn has caused my milk supply to decrease dramatically. So, while I build it back up, the consultant told me that I have to supplement her at each feeding. While I have the option of using formula to supplement, that is personally not a route I feel is appropriate for us. Therefore, the only other option was to supplement with donor breast milk. This, however, meant that I had to FIND donor breast milk. Not an easy task, although not impossible either. However, the friends I contacted had either used up the milk they had saved, only had a little to give, or needed time to get milk for me. By yesterday afternoon, we were able to find enough to get us through until the next day but it was going to be tight.

Then, I received a phone call. My good friend, who had already generously began a milk donation for us, was looking out of her window at her neighbor's yard, where the neighbors were outside playing. This neighbor is a friend of hers, and someone she knew would probably have some milk to donate as well. She walked over and explained my situation to this person, and asked if she might be able to help out. The friend said that she did, in fact, have milk she could donate. Not only did she have milk, she had a LOT of milk, milk that she had just decided that day that she was going to throw out since she wasn't going to be able use it all. She packed it all up in a bag and gave it to my friend, who then let me know what had happened. I was able to pick the milk up yesterday afternoon; there is enough milk for weeks and weeks of supplementing- probably more than I will even need!

I can't even begin to say how thankful I am to my friends, to this person that I don't even know who so generously gave her milk, and to God for providing for my daughter at a time when I am not able to. It's wonderful to know that our Father is providing for us in all of the ways that we need.


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Abby Hutto said...

So sorry you are having problems! I know how important breast-feeding is to you, so I am so thankful that the Lord has worked out even these small details. No problem is too great for Him to solve, no problem is too small for Him to notice. We missed you this morning!